Speed issue and bounces rate - SEO tools

Speed issue and bounces rate - SEO tools
Speed issue is a big concern for many companies that have a website; especially for those with eCommerce. In fact, a slow website doesn't encourage anyone to stay even for 10 seconds. As a result, businesses face a high level of bounces rate and a fall in sales. The purpose of this article is to show you how the speed issue can make you lose some valuable customers. I will also give you few tips that will help you to improve your website speed.

Speed issue explained with a real-life situation.

In order to better explain how customers feel whenever they try to visit a slow website, let us take a real-life scenario. Let us assume that you live in an area with 10 food stores. And each time you go to a store you realize that you always have to wait at least 15 to 20 min at the cashier to get served. You initially think that it is a one-time situation. But as you keep on going to that store, you experience the same problem over and over. Unless there is something tangible that is attracting you to that store, I bet you might not want to go back there again. From my little personal experience, there are three things that will make someone to spend 30 extra minutes to a store:
  1. Save some money while waiting.
  2. Get better products than elsewhere
  3. Help relatives or friends by buying to their shop
Whatever the case may be, I believe that we are in a generation of people that don't like to wait too much. Hence, most of the people would prefer to spend a little bit more money to save some time. If you always prefer to spend less time in a store or for a service; how much more with an online store?

Bounces rate and some of the causes

The bounces rate is a marketing indicator that measures the percentage of users who have entered a web page and left the site without consulting other pages. So they only saw one page of the site. Bounces rate is evaluated in term of percentage. For example, 60% of bounces rate means that for 100 visitors, 60 left without consulting another page. Bear in mind that bounces rate is not always bad for your company. In fact, whenever visitors access a website, they can land directly on a page they were looking for. And hence, would leave the website immediately afterward. There are many things that can affect bounces rate among which we have:
  1. Visitors found what they wanted and left afterward
  2. Your website is too slow
  3. Visitors didn't find what they expected
  4. Your website is not adapted to their screen size
  5. You don't have call to action buttons (CTA) or URL links
  6. etc.

How do speed issues, bounce rate and losing customers correlate?

It is statistically proven that a user will have bad impressions of your products or services when your website is slow. And as a result, they will be tempted to leave immediately after they land on the website. That is the reason why it is really important to optimize the speed of your website in order to reduce drastically your bounce rate. On the other hand, if all your potential customers start getting nervous before they could land on your website, it is only logical that they might not buy your products/services. Note that there are many reasons that can make customers not to buy from your website; among which the speed issue. It is then important to know the source of your issues in order to address them easily. I will recommend you contact us for a free analysis of your website.

Some analysis tools to fix the speed issue

There are many speed analysis tools found by typing the keyword "speed test" on Google. I will not enter into too many details, but the ones we often use at Prositeweb Inc. are Pingdom and GTmetrix. Those tools will usually tell you the sources of the speed issues and how to fix them. In more complex cases, your server or codes errors can be the cause of your speed issues. You can identify that from the wait time provided by the speed analysis tool.

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