Search Engines and the impacts of tops results on our lives

Search Engines and the impacts of tops results on our lives
You can practically find an answer to any question on search engines. In fact, in this modern age, search engines have become the source of all our solutions. For instance, people tend to refer to them to get answers to all their troubles and concerns; even when there is no need. Also, the more a search result is recurrent or shows at the top, the more a surfer will want to apply that in his/her way of living or behaving. As a result, what we used to call "Common sense", values and context seem to disappear. I am among those that believe in the power of search engines. However, it is really crucial to handle each information carefully. The purpose of this article is to show that tops results are not always the best. And also, I want to point out the dangers of substituting Search results in reality.

What are Search engines and how do they work?

Before jumping into the core of our topic; let us define search engines and explain how they work.

Definition of search engines

According to, A search engine is a software program or script available through the Internet that searches documents and files for keywords and returns the results of any files containing those keywords. And according to, techopedia "Search engine is a service that allows Internet users to search for content via the World Wide Web (WWW). A user enters keywords or key phrases into a search engine and receives a list of Web content results in the form of websites, images, videos or other online data. The list of content returned via a search engine to a user is known as a search engine results page (SERP).". Hence from those definitions, we can understand that it is a software or service that display or not a list of results whenever we enter a keyword.

How do search engines work?

Search engines are populated with billions of information from different sources. In fact, whenever you publish something online, robots of search engines will crawl your web page in search of relevant information. Later on, when a user does a search, information from crawled websites are displayed according to a certain algorithm. Therefore, whatever rules are defined by the engine owner govern what you can see or believe. Generally, they are two main factors that can influence search results:

  → Paid Advertisement

If you haven't realized, whenever you type a keyword on Google, you will see at the top of the page some results that might not be related to your keyword with a small icon "Ads". Those are paid ads. Anyone can pay to be at the top of search results.

   → Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) consists of improving the content of a web page such as to reach the standard of Search Engines algorithms in other to get traffic naturally. For example, responsive, secured, well-structured or straight to the points websites would rank better compare to others. Furthermore, the more visitors you have, the more it increases ...

Search Top Results and its influence on our opinions

For the definitions and explanation above, you will then agree with me that search results can be misleading. In fact, someone who understands the secret behind Search Engine algorithms will easily be at the top of searches. Let assume now that a malicious person wants to propagate a piece of fake news online? How would you know if it is true or not when you rely on the first results? I believe that search engines have revolutionized the IT industry. I rely on them daily for all my activities. But as it is commonly said: People are dying for lack of knowledge, and this is my 20 cents advise. Keep on following search results, but do it wisely.

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