The power of data analysis in an organization

The power of data analysis in an organization
Data analysis is really important to get extra leads and avoid spending for nothing. In order to better explain, let us put it in context.  You are becoming frustrated because all of your potential customers just leave your website. In fact,  for many months, you invested your energy, all your resources, and even all your savings on your website. To crown it all, every day when you check at your traffic, you see that there are visitors; but no conversion. If you feel like this describe your current situation; please read this article for our advice. In this article, we are going to talk about how analyzing your data can give you a different approach on how to invest or manage your website.

Why is data analysis important for your business?

Many Small and medium-size business owners are more enthusiastic to apply their ideas that they usually fail to understand that it is not much about them, but their customers. For instance; what you qualify as a great idea might not be as good as you think at the eyes of your audience. Data analysis can then help you to understand your customer needs. It can, for example, show your mistakes or where you need to focus on. Also, with data analysis, you can see your business from a different perspective.

How can data analysis help in website management?

In website development as in any other business, analyzing data is really crucial. As an example, I had a chance to work with a marketing guru; John Castel that understood the power of data. He showed me lucky Orange which is a powerful tool to watch what your visitors did on your website before leaving. After only 4 days of usage. I was able to find and fix some of the website mistakes that I never saw before. Hence, as a business or website administrator, there are many advantages of using data analysis and some of them are:
  • Point out some Website errors

As explained the example above, you can fix many mistakes on your website by analyzing your data. In fact, during the development process, they always many things that we fail to take into consideration. It might be browser compatibilities, adaptability of the website or even typo mistakes.
  • Understand your customers' needs

The purpose of any business is to generate sales. As a matter of fact, all the strategies put in place is to make sure that in the end there are more customers. Data analysis can contribute to achieving that. For instance, most of the time our products/services do not fit with what our target customers are looking for.  Just by checking our analytic results, or get some reviews, we can know what to improve.
  • Improve/adjust your strategy

If you analyze your data regularly you will be able to understand why you are not converting visitors to customers. You will, for example, understand that you need to add some call-to-action buttons or extra links.

What can you use to analyze data or improve your website?

There are many free/paid tools that can help you to analyze your data. However, the most important is the ability to understand what to do with those data. Below are some recommended tools to analyze data or improve your website.
  • Google Analytic -  It is a powerful free tool offer by Google. It gives you all you need to understand your visitors' behavior and traffic
  • Lucky Orange   - it is a paid tool with the started plan of $10/month that help you to see your visitors activities. It integrated a powerful recording tool
  • GTmetrix - GTmetrix helps you to analyze your website speed to make it faster
  • Pingdom  - Pingdom incorporates multiple functionalities. In fact, with Pingdom, you can analyze your website speed, monitor your uptime, get your visitors insight ...
You can also use our tool to analyze your SEO. Thanks for reading our article; please do not hesitate to contact us with any question.

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