How to use our SEO tool to analyze and fix your mistakes

How to use our SEO tool to analyze and fix your mistakes

Do you want to use our free SEO analyzer tool to analyze and fix your SEO issues? Prositeweb Inc. has an SEO software that you can use to improve your visibility on Google, Bing ... In this article, I will give you a step by step guide that will help you to use our tool more efficiently.

Analyse SEO

Step 1: go on

To use our tool, visit the website  Once you land on the page, you will see a page similar to the print screen below.  On that page, you will have to enter your URL in the form and click on the review (e.g. if your URL is, come that in the way). After clicking on the button review, our tool will crawl your website as a bot does typically. Our tool uses powerful APIs connected to the World Wide Web to see the status of your traffic in real-time.  

Step 2: Analyze the report generated by our SEO analyzer tool  

Your SEO report will appear in the format seeing in the picture below. At the top of the page, you will see for example your score and some colours. Your score is just an estimate of how optimized your website is. At the left of the score, colours represent warning, errors or grade. To better understand what you need to improve or not, you need to scroll your page to the bottom. You can also click on the left navigation to scroll per section.   For the different colours code, the red represents what you must improve as it is crucial for SEO. Whereas the yellow is a recommendation and the green means your SEO is good. Note that you can use the button just at the bottom of your report summary to either Download your report(in PDF format), log in to an account to view the full story or compare your SEO with that of a competitor. Also, as you scroll down, you will see some points in grey mentioning that you need to log in to see recommendations.

Step 3: Create an account for more features 

To take advantage of all the features of our software, please create an account. Creating an account is simple. Just click on the button sign up at your top right, and a form will pop up. With our tool, you can either use social media or create with your email. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have. You will gladly add the answers to your inquiries to our next article. We are continually updating the documentation of our SEO analyzer tool to help you improve your SEO.