seo analysis and way to generate extra leads with less effort

seo analysis and way to generate extra leads with less effort

SEO analysis is an excellent way to know what you need to fix to get more sales.  In fact, SEO analysis tools tell you some basic practices that you need to apply for a better ranking. As a matter of fact, If you are a business owner you will probably agree with me that it is sometimes frustrating to have a website that does not generate sales. Usually, we don't have much traffic, or we have traffic but no sales. I had a chance to face both cases and at the end, I came out with the conclusion that it has to do with mainly 3 factors.

 factors that affect your SEO

There are surely many other things that can hurt your SEO. However, if you consider those 3 below it will help. The three main factors are :
  •  how we optimize our website;
  •  how we target our market
  • the quality of our products/contents
For examples, if our website is slow or not user-friendly, our visitors will get annoyed even before they land on a page. On the other hand, if you are talking much about "Books" when you are targeting "computers"; you will surely have traffic for people looking for books and end up having no sales. To cut it short if we find proper keywords and/or have a website well optimized for our target market, we will surely have extra RIGHT clicks and GOOD leads. hashtagbusiness hashtagoptimization hashtagkeywords hashtagsales hashtagsearchengines hashtaggenerators hashtaguserfriendly hashtagtargetmarketing

SEO analysis and our free tool

It is quite easy to know that a website is not ranking. For instance, if you built your website a long time ago, you can have an idea if it sales or not. However, the fastest way is to use SEO tool. SEO tools will tell you instantly where you miss opportunities. Moreover, they will point out what you need to do in order to improve your score. If I take as an example our SEO Analysis tool, it will give you a list of what to fix. To find your scores and opportunities, enter your URL below to see what you need to improve.
Instantly analyze and fix your SEO issues for better ranking. Free SEO tool.

Improve your website speed with speed analysis tools

There are many free speed analysis tools. Some popular examples are GTMETRIX, PINGDOM and GOOGLE SPEED TOOL. With Speed Analysis tools, you get all the points and aspects of your website that you need to fix to have a faster website. Are you having trouble with your website; contact us today and one of our specialists will help you obtain a better ranking