How did we arrive at the point where e-commerce is practically killing physical stores?

How did we arrive at the point where e-commerce is practically killing physical stores?

Did you see how E-Commerce is literally taking over physical stores? In fact, nowadays, it is becoming easier for consumers to shop from their rooms.  If you were a fan of those old days where you needed to walk for 20 min and wait for 15 to 20 min to get a product; you will surely miss that time. Those changes are somehow appreciated by our new generation that doesn't like to wait. Whereas, for old-school retailers, it is a total mess as they need to force themselves to learn a little bit about technology.  If you are a retailer without an online presence and you are starting to experience the effect of the outburst of eCommerce in your activities; read this article to see how to readjust safely.

What is e-Commerce and how does it work?

E-commerce describes the process of buying and selling online. In order words, for a business, it will mean to develop a mechanism to sell products and/or services online. Even though it might seem difficult to implement for a starter; it is quite easy. In fact, many giants in the IT worlds already developed some mechanisms for you.  For example, if you are in Canada, you might want to start with Kijiji or Amazon... Those platforms already have all you need to experience how selling online look like. However, as your business grows it might be more convenient to have an e-commerce website.

Usually, we talk about developing an online store we think about three main things: A website, payment processing, and shipping processing. In fact, there is not that much difference between a physical store and an online store. For instance, you display your products on an online store just as you do in your store. When a customer places an order; he/she pays with a payment method. And finally, you have to ship to the customer address just as you will if they have ordered on phone.

What influenced the popularity of e-commerce?

Several inventions have revolutionized the evolution of electronic commerce. Among those inventions, we can talk about payments methods, shipping processing, smart devices or highspeed internet. For example, with your credit card, PayPal or interact, you can securely pay for a product from a web page without having to see the physical store. Also, there are shipping companies that would take your products from stores/warehouses to your address. And with highspeed internet, you can easily browse and compare products of various sellers in less than 30min.

Implement little changes to gain more with e-Commerce

If you look at e-commerce from a different angle, you will realize that you have a lot to gain by developing your online presence. First of all, with a physical store, you are bound to some work hours. Secondly, you have to pay your staff to be present at your store. Finally, you are limited by a geographical zone.

With e-commerce, you will enjoy the liberty of selling 24/7 and everywhere you want.
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