Few tips to improve the website performance - WordPress

Few tips to improve the website performance -  WordPress
Website performance is a big issue for many companies. In fact, the more your website is slow, the more you stand a chance to lose visitors. Today, I want to give you free and simple tips that will help you to improve your WordPress website performance. All you will need to do is to install the plugins. Also, for advanced features, if your server supports "htaccess files", you can copy and paste the codes below and that will make a whole difference.

How to analyze your website performance?

If you did not know, there are great tools that you can use to analyze your website performance. Some of my favourite tools are GTmetrix and Pingdom. Those tools, crawl your website and display some performance issues and tips on how to fix them. For example, let assume that I want to analyze the performance of my website Prositeweb Inc. using GTmetrix.  The first thing I need to do is to go the GTmetrix website and enter my URL and hit analyze. Once that is done, I will see some results with the list of what is good or bad. Moreover, when I click on each point mentioned, I will be able to see some recommendations.  I can also download my performance results in a PDF file. performance report For a developer, recommendations might sound familiar. But, if you are not a developer, don't worry, some CMS like WordPress has some great plugins that can help you.

How to improve your  WordPress website performance?

If your website is based on WordPress, there are two great plugins that you can use to improve your performance. Those plugins are Fast Velocity Minify and Smush. Fast Velocity Minify helps to minify and combine your CSS and JS files to reduce the load time. In fact, when you try to load a website, your browser will request resources from different files and that play an important role in the speed. And hence, by using Fast Velocity Minify, your files will be compressed and loaded as a single resource instead of multiple.  As for Smush, it compresses and optimizes your pictures to make them less heavy without you losing the quality of your pictures. In order to install those plugins, just go to the plugins tabs of your WordPress admin and click on Add new. Once you are on the page for plugins market, you just need to search and install. I will strongly recommend following the instructions.

How to improve website performance, using the htaccess file?

I can't say for sure if all the server supports the htaccess file. But, in case yours does, please just copy and paste the code below. You will find the htaccess file in the main directory of your WordPress installation.   SEO results example If you followed the instructions above, go back on GTmetrix. Enter your URL to analyze. You will see the difference with the previous analysis. Moreover, if you try to open your website from a browser, you will see that it is faster. Feel free to contact us with further questions. You can also share with your friends and colleagues.

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