What prevents you from having a website?

What prevents you from having a website?
Having a website today is one of the best investment a company can make. However, there are many companies or entrepreneurs that do not have one. If that is your case, I am interested in knowing what prevents you from having one. For some time now, I have been approaching small companies to talk about my web development services. Even though I could not answer all their questions, I came out with more thoughts and better strategies than before. Today I will like to share my opinions about the blockades of having a website.  Also, I will give you some advantages of a website if you didn't know.

the blockades of having a website

While doing my researches about the blockades, I found those 3 reasons as the most popular ones. (I will put aside, my quality as a seller or those that do not just want to work with me)
  • It is too expensive
  • I don't see the need of having one
  • I had a website before and it was not helpful

some advantages of having a website

As a developer and someone open to various changes, I took some time to analyze the various advantages of a website. In order to remain focus to the main reasons listed above, I will give advantages according to the list.

1 - It is too expensive

Depending on your purpose, the cost of developing a website varies. In fact, you can get one for free for a start as you can pay for a professional one. For example, there are many platforms such as Google, WordPress or Wix that offer the option to build a free website. However, if you don't know much about programming or you want a professional website at a price you can afford, you can try our solutions. Our solution is a little bit different from the free tool. But, we build a website with a design you like for free and you pay only for maintenance and management at $1.8/day.

2. I don't see the need of having one

If you are not an established business, having a website will bring more than you can ever imagine. For example, with a website, you can target far away customers, increase your visibility beyond your area or save time by sending your customers to your website for more information.

3. I had a website before and it was not helpful

What many website owners fail to understand is that having a website is not enough: you need to maintain and update regularly. For instance, if you are selling on a website and do not add enough description for your visitors you might never sell. Today, there are many ways to make sure your website is always alife. Some of them are :
  • Having a blog
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • making sure that your website is populated with the right content
  • Optimizing regularly (checking the speed, responsiveness, SEO ...)
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