email verification Servers - Reduce hard email bounce

email verification servers can help you reduce hard email bounce rate. Learn from this article some tip to filter email addresses

email verification Servers  - Reduce hard email bounce

Did you know that Real-time email verification Servers can help you reduce your hard email bounce rate? In fact, they will tell you if an email is an undeliverable email or not. If you are used to sending newsletters or emails to customers, friends or relatives, read this article to get some tips on how to filter bad emails from your mailing lists. Whether you are a company, a self-employed or an individual; filtering your mailing lists from time to time can be helpful.

Why is it important to use email verification tools?

One of our customers was so happy with the number of subscribers he had and decided to send a newsletter. After downloading the mailing list to import to his email campaign tool; he was shocked to see that 3/4 of subscribers were spam. He could obviously figure out that emails were spam because of the weirdness; but how if everything seems OK? He would have sent newsletters and had 75% of bounce rate. As a result of that, the reputation of his servers and email would have been affected and he would have been listed as spam by most of the Internet Service Providers (ISP).

All of the undeliverable emails are not necessary spams. Just as thousands of emails are created every day, thousands are also deleted and closed. You can't then guarantee that all the 1000 contacts on your mailing list still exist. That is the reason why it is important to filter your emails list regularly to avoid hard email bounce(or bounce due to undeliverable emails).

Consequences of email bounce

There are many consequences to email bounce; among which your server reputation. In fact, email bounce rate is one of the factors used by ISP to decide whether they can trust emails delivered from your server. So, you might want to look into your bounce rate if customers start complaining about not receiving your emails. Another consequence of high bounce rate is the fact that email marketing software companies might not allow you to use their tool.

Some of the email verification servers

This week, we did some emails migration and during the process, we decided to filter our lists. In order to accelerate the filtering process, we looked into various email verification servers. It is our pleasure sharing that with you. You can as well go on Google and type "email verification servers"; you might find better options.

From our search, we found email verification servers such as:

  • Kickbox - visit to learn more. In my opinion, I found it a little bit expensive compared to others. If you want, you might read the description of their offer to see if it fit your needs.
  • - visit for more information.
  • - the least expensive of all. Again, you can read their offer for more info
  • - at the rate of $0.006 per check

I do believe that there are better options and you could find with little more search. But you can feel free to contact us if you need some assistance; we will be glad to help.

I hope this article help you to understand how to reduce hard email bounce. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and colleagues. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get our articles directly go into your inbox.


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