increasing customers' retention rate and close more deals - three tips

increasing customers' retention rate and close more deals - three tips
Increasing customers' retention rate is as easy as 1+1=2. In fact, most of the time we crack our head to look for complex solutions when everything is right under our nose. In this article, I will give you 3 simples and easy to apply practical steps to keep customers on your website longer.

Three tips that can help to increase customers' retention rate

  • Analyse your website data (check the speed, responsiveness, bounces rate)
If you are not really sure about what is making you lose potential customers, analytics tools. For instance, from your analytic results, you can easily understand your visitors' behavior. You can, for example, have an idea of your bounce rates, which pages are the most visited or in which countries you have the most visitors ... One of the most popular analytic tools is Google Analytic 
  • Monitor your website (check your coding mistake, SEO, depreciated code)
It is only human to make mistakes in website development. In fact, each time we write a line of code, a bad syntax can drop in or can forget to add some tag ... That is the reason why monitoring our websites can help to point out some of the mistakes. There are many free tools that can help us to achieve that. You can, for example, use a w3c validator to check the markup validity of your code. Or GTMETRIX to check the speed.  You can also use our free tool to monitor your SEO
  • Apply recommendation to improve your website (be pro-active)
It is one thing to have access to great tools it is another to know how to use. More often we have all we need, but we prefer our all ways.

Why increasing customers' retention rate?

Let assume you have a store, and you usually take 15 to 20 min to serve a customer. However, whenever customers pop in, he/she leaves after 2 min. In order word, they don't even take time to see your products. If you take a second to think, that would suggest that there is something wrong. The same analogy applies to your website. In fact, the more visitors stay on your website, the more you stand a chance to close a deal. That is the reason why you need to find what is making your visitors leave after a few seconds.

Some of the factors that influence customers' retention rate

Many factors can make visitors leave your website a few seconds after. Some of the technical aspects are :

The speed of your website.

The speed of your website can affect drastically your customers' retention rate. For instance, when your website is slow, most of the visitors do not even want to go to the next page. In fact, the internet is crowded with information similar to yours. For this reason, people do not have time to waste when they know there are better elsewhere.

The responsiveness of your website

The use of smart devices such as phones and tablets are increasing considerably.  And at this pace, you stand a great chance to lose all your customers to those that have a responsive website. That might be the reason why you are not selling.

Common SEO mistakes

Most of the time when we build a website, it requires a lot of attention to avoid using bad practices. For example, whenever we add an image to a page, we can easily forget to add alt attribute. Or, we can use a depreciated tag... Applying a proper SEO do not require any technical skills, but attention to details. There are many other factors that can stop you from selling properly.  Please feel free to contact us or use our free tool to evaluate your SEO.    

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