Common website issues encounter by companies

Common website issues encounter by companies
It is easy to be patient when we have no choice, but in the world of thousands of competitors, the degree of patience reduces to practically zero seconds. But to have tried to find customers by any means, I soon realized that that patience is a virtue only when we don't have too many choices. For instance, we leave in a society of multiple possibilities and if someone can't get what he wants from you he will surely get somewhere else. For that reasons, it is better not to try your customer's patience. The purpose of this article is to share my personal experience as a developer and to give you a small advice about how you can improve your website to retain more visitors.

Think of patience when to build your website

Let use case scenarios.
  • Let assume that You are a company selling a particular product.
Because a friend explains to you how his website helps him to generate more money; you decided to jump into the adventure. After doing some research you hire a developer to help you build your website. The work was properly done, and the website looks great and really attractive. And after more than 3 months or more of having a web platform, you don't see any difference. You start to wonder how others do to have more visibility. And you start regretting the money spent. you change your content, and you have the same result. You do even pay some ads on Google and social media and still the same result.
  • Let assume now that you are a consumer
You want to buy some shoes online. On must of the case scenario; you go on google or any search engine. First of all you types "Adidas shoes at low cost". And you see a list of different options. You click on the first link; you start browsing their website and you leave because the site is too slow. You jump to the second and you leave because they don't have enough description. The third has bad reviews from customers... You finally find one website that best fits your request where you decide to buy your shoes. For those two cases scenarios, a consumer almost has the same reasons not to buy on your website as you had not to do on another website.

Common issues that make customer run away from your website

As a developer and an entrepreneur, I learn at my own expense that investing time and money in building a platform is not enough. We need to have a better understanding of consumers needs and try as much as possible to comply. Also, you return on investment is never determined by how beautiful is your website according to you. Below are some common issues that I found.
  • Speed of your website
  • Coding errors
  • Not applying proper keywords
  • Lack of testing on various browsers
  • Site not adapted to various platforms
I will elaborate more on how those points mentioned above can make you lose substantial customers and sales. Just remember that testing your customers' patience with a platform that is slow, not clear enough and not optimizes to various screen sizes can be the biggest cause of your downfall.

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