4 online tools that will help you to generate more money for your eCommerce

Want to grow your eCommerce business? These are 4 majors websites that help you generate extra cash for your eCommerce business.

4 online tools that will help you to generate more money for your eCommerce

Do you want to generate more money for your eCommerce? 


Who doesn't?


Today, I am going to share with you for major web solutions that can help you to generate extra sales online. If you have an online store, you can check the link to get started. But if you don't have an online store, some of the solutions many help you to start your affiliate marketing business. 

Google Shopping

Solution 1  - Google Shopping 

Google Shopping is a service that enables you to add your products to a compare list. And then, get visitors to buy if they find your products better. If you subscribe to the service, you will be able to target billions of people visiting Google Shopping regularly.

How does Google Shopping Work?

To use Google Shopping, you need to have an eCommerce website. Once that is done, you will have to read Google Policy to find out if your products are among the acceptable items. If that is the case, you will follow these steps to create your account:  (More details here https://www.google.com/retail/get-started/)

  • Create your Account on Google Merchant
  • Upload your Products your products by using any format allowed by Google
  • Get your products across Google networks. Once you create your account, Google will take some time to check if all your links are relevant. If yes, they will approve your product listing.

More Google Shopping services for retailers

  • Smart Shopping Campaigns – You pay to promote your products to visitors looking for your products categories on Google
  • Search Ads – Google Advertise your products in front of users that are looking for related businesses.

You can get a complete list of all the services for retailers here.

How to connect your website to Google Shopping?

One of the biggest challenges of many eCommerce businesses is to connect their store to Google Shopping. You have two approaches; either importing your products manually or use SFTP access to connect your store to Google Merchant Center.

  1. Manual approach. You prepare the file, and you do all the setting in Google Merchant center, and you import your products
  2. SFTP connection – You create SFTP access on your Google Merchant Center Account. Then, you use that information in your website configuration to synchronize your website.

You will find more details here -



With Amazon, you can use robust solutions and resources to sell your products to one of the most reputable marketplaces in the whole world. With Amazon services, you can reach more to 10 million Amazon Shoppers. Amazon also offers an advertising program that can enable you to sell faster.

About Amazon

Founded in 1994, Amazon offers to private individuals and retailers listed in the Amazon catalogue, the opportunity to sell their items via the "MarketPlace" platform. So, it allows you to add your products to their market place. You will generate more visitors and sales. Moreover, which will also allow you to enable other people that are interested in your products to sell on their website. With 7.4 billion of quarterly revenue (+45%), Amazon is the market leader, ahead of Microsoft and Google.

Some advantages of Amazon

The power of Amazon is that it allows you to reach millions of potential buyers online. It offers unique features that can help you grow your business. At the subscription, you can manage your business with flexibility through your customer services and marketing strategies. Amazon also helps you manage other services like expediting your commands and store your products. Amazon’s advertising solutions allow you to reach customers every day.

To launch your e-commerce on Amazon, you should choose either the professional or individual. Choose a professional plan if you want to sell unlimited products for a monthly subscription of CDN $29.99 (excluding VAT). Whereas, the personal program that not allow monthly subscription but will enable Amazon to pay a commission of CDN $1.49(excluding VAT) per item sold. To start, you should create your account on the interface Seller Central, where you can also manage your sales account. After that, you can easily add products to the Amazon Marketplace catalogue.



Facebook marketplace 

Facebook is the most prominent social media in the whole world. Today it is a social advertising platform and a market place where users can buy, sell items with other people in their locality. If you can sell on Facebook Market Place, you will be able to target more local customers and generate extra cash for your business. The specificity of Facebook Marketplace is that it is not responsible for any transaction. You receive your payment out of the Marketplace. With this tool, an e-commerce business owner can define custom auctions for its items and send messages to buyers to organize transactions.

The advantage of the Facebook marketplace is that it gives more visibility to small-scale commerce. According to Target Internet Buy and sell groups on Facebook are visited by around 450 million people per month worldwide.

To sell an item on Facebook Marketplace,

  • you should click on Marketplace in the left menu on facebook.com
  • After you should click on sell an item, then on Item for sale.
  • Enter the title of your classified ad, price, location and category of the item. You can also add a description.
  • You should click on + 10 photos to import a picture of your article from your computer.
  • After all, you should click on Publish. If the Publish option is grayed out, make sure you have indicated a title, price, location, photo and category.


CJ Commission Junction 

It is one of the best advertising companies operating in the affiliate marketing industry, present worldwide and owned by Alliance Data. CJ is a marketing platform that allows you to submit your products and find potential sellers or partners. They seel your products and get commission per qualified sale. It is a lucrative tool to earn money.

Basically, with Cj, people are getting paid for referring others to someone else’s products or services. It puts in relation affiliates, publishers and advertisers. Cj possesses developed technologies that help to improve publishers’ performance tracking and to improve collaboration between advertisers and publishers. The advantage of this tool is the capability of your business to gain great advertising solutions to a vast audience and the ability to generate more sales.

Once you register, CJ will list your business in the directory where publishers can read your terms of service. They will also be able to connect your product and present it to their audience.

To use the Cj platform, you must fulfill three criteria at the registration:

  • You are the owner of an active website
  • You should be able to pay commissions on any products sold and lead generated
  • Take engagement not to sell adult or proscribe products.

Once your demand is approved, you will receive an advertiser ID, and CJ will provide you with a launched affiliate program.

More tools for your business

Note that there are many other tools that you could use to have more sales online. From the list above you could pick one of all of them. 


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